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Re: [Linux-ISP] radiusd

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> Is there a HOWTO or detailed info on how to setup radiusd?
> I tried a web search but it returns basically 1,000's of ASCEND and 
> portmaster realted stuff... nothing really on how to setup and configure 
> it.

It you look in ftp.gpl.net:/pub/local/debian/ you will find my Debian 
package of Merit Radiusd 2.4.23. I hope to release it shortly (just 
finishing the testing).

As for how to configure the Radius server, you'll just have to read the 
man pages :-) If you have any specific questions then drop me an email 
and I'll see if I can help.


Dermot Bradley                                Email: bradley@gpl.net
Communications Director                       Tel: +44 1232 572003
Genesis Project Ltd                           Fax: +44 1232 560553
Belfast & Coleraine & Desertmartin, N.I.      WWW: http://www.gpl.net/

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