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Re: Anyone using Free SCO Unix yet?

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Craig Harmon wrote:

> With the release of Free SCO Unix--doesn't Linux become obsolete?  

Not quite! <grin>  There's nothing like 120 developers constantly 
upgrading/improving an already great product without having to go 
through development, testing, "release-to-manufacturing", and marketing stages 
before "we" get our hands on the final product.  It's pretty hard for 
them (or any commercial Unix) to keep up with Linux!  "Long live Linux!"

I've got one of the free copies but haven't had a chance to install it 
yet.  I've worked *extensively* with their previous version, but have only 
read/observed the new one.

Even though the SCO version is "free" (+S&H) it's only to students and 
educational facilities and only in a two user version....  If you want 
more users, you're going to have to pay for it....


Kevin Traas
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