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Re: Clock in error in NTP client env.

wmburns@prodigy.com ( WILLIAM M BURNS) writes:

> How does the CMOS clock affect the running system?  There must be 
> some program that reads to CMOS clock and then sets the UNIX clock to 
> the same value.

That program is clock(8).

> Is there a way to set the CMOS clock to the UNIX clock without bring 
> down the system?

clock -w -u

> Are there even two clocks(UNIX and CMOS)?


> I have had several people suggest for me to verify the time zone 
> definations.  How is that done?

Run /usr/sbin/tzconfig as root

Explicit instructions to set the time correctly once and forever:

0. Read the manpages for clock(8) and date(1) so you know what you're doing.
1. Set the timezone with tzconfig.
2. Set the time with date.
3. Type "clock -wu" to set cmos clock to GMT.
4. In the beginning of /etc/init.d/boot set the variable "GMT=-u".


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