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Re: g77 & f2c serious problems

David Gaudine scripsit:
|I should add that, in the unlikely event that -fno_automatic solves
|your problem, you should send the bug report to the developers of your
|source code.  -fno_automatic solves a problem that should not come up
|with "correct" code.

Ahem, it didn't work. So far no solutions whatsoever, even the latest
f2c is of no avail. It seems that the -fforce-saves isn't working as
advertised, or rather it is still working at 80-bit precision. I
frankly don't know. We are re-running all our code and cross-checking
numbers on architectures.


Arrigo Triulzi <arrigo@ic.ac.uk>, http://www.ma.ic.ac.uk/~agbt
Mathematics Dept. Imperial College of Science & Technology - London - UK

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