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Re: GnuStep Re: X is painful

Bill Bumgarner writes:
> Now that I have an answer on the libc front (ie; 1.2 will ship with =
> 5.4.7), I'm going to reboot to Linux and produce 'official' 5.4.7 =
> compliant GCC + GnuStep Threading Patches in short order. =20
> BTW:  For now, I'm using the built in MIT_POSIX_THREADS.  Who is =
> maintaining LinuxThreads-- it seems like a superior package and I would =
> like to move to it as soon as possible...
> BUT:  If I move to using LinuxThreads, gcc will DEPEND on the LinuxThreads =
> package.  Does that offend anyone?

This makes me nervous.  What exactly are you proposing to do to gcc?
Why would it have to depend on any thread package?

I sent a message the other day, but it bounced because the lists were
down.  IMO, we should stick with MIT pthreads as included in libc5.
It has been available for quite a while and is reported to work,
though I don't know of any Debian packages using it.  We can switch to
LinuxThreads when we go to libc6.  FYI, LinuxThreads is already
available as a compile-time add-on for libc6, so I would expect it to
be well supported.

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