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Re: g77 failure

> > As I understand it, f77 wants gcc 2.7.2 and not gcc
> As a workaround I did now the following:
> cd /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/
> ln -s ../2.7.2/libf2c.a .
> ln -s ../2.7.2/f771 .
> I will now have to check wether it still works in all cases.
> Development team: Please consider if there shouldn't be a dependency
> between g77 and gcc versions, which shall be resolved by dselect.

That would stop you installing these two together at all.
A similar problem applies with GNAT Ada; it wants gcc 2.7.2, and in
fact replaces the gcc executable, so things don't go nicely
if you try to run gcc + gnat 3.04 (well, 3.05 is out
but not in a package). I did mention this on the list a while
back and to the maintainer; I'm not sure what's being done
about resolving this, though.

GNAT supplies a new gcc binary because Ada support is disabled
in gcc 2.7.2's binary by default, and needs to be recompiled
with it enabled. Ideally, the GCC package will have gcc with
this enabled, and the GNAT package will not supply a gcc at
all. Hopefully this will happen for the next GNAT package version,
which is awaiting GNAT 3.06 (based on gcc


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