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Re: Cannot install kernel module sbpcd with reveal CD drice

> Please excuse me if I am wrong in my assumption that this is the correct
> place to ask a question such as the following...
> I am really in a bind here.  After an agonizing week of waiting, my new
> debian CD showed up and I got to work installing.  Everything went
> smoothly untill I went to install the kernel modules.  I have a 'reveal'
> cd rom drive (possibly made by panasonic), that connects to the SC400
> Reveal 4R sound card.  

I've got a Reveal 4R sound card and CD in my old 386 running Linux.  The
CD that comes with the package (in my case) is actually a Goldstar R420.
Recompile your kernel to see if that driver works.

Does your config.sys for DOS say:


If it does, then you definitely have a Goldstar.  Fortunately, it's
supported by Linux.

I haven't attempted trying to get the sound card portion of the package
working - so I don't know how to do that.


 - Jim

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