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Re: Dselect docs for beginners

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Tim Sailer wrote:

> Looks great! We should expand on this (maybe on a web page) to make 
> a more complete documentaion of dselect. People tend to read stuff
> they can print out, but get flustered in an application like
> dselect.
> Tim
> PS: I'll make the web page and add to it if there is that need.

A web page would be the ideal format, so that the main index is kept
simple and then you have as many levels as you like to demonstrate things.
But we need them to read it _before_ they install all the packages.

Version 4 now on ftp://oak.scotch.wa.edu.au/pub.

The boss says that I need more stuff to explain concepts.  This really
isn't my cup of tea...  But I have learnt a lot more about dselect than I
knew before.


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