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RE: does libc5.4.7 belong in Rex

On Wednesday, 30 October, 1996 22:49, Daniel 
Stringfield[SMTP:servo@jax-inter.net] wrote:
>  Why can't anyone understand this?   This was a 3
> day thing for me when I first did it, and wow, gee, we have more than 3
> days till monday! <sarcasm inserted here> I think if all the package
> maintainers would just go and recompile, we would not be arguing about
> this.  And, it would take less than three days.  No changes in source had
> to be made, just re-compiling.. thats it.

But how would it be possible for every single package maintainer to 
recompile their particular package in the next three days??  What about the 
ones who are off on holidays, busy at work, etc.

Add to that if they do compile they will need to upgrade the package to a 
higher version number and there may be a few little errors which creep in 
such as leaving out conf definitions and the like.  There is no way that 
all packages in the debian distribution could be tested in the next three 

The reason why there is three months between releases is that the package 
sets come together and are known to work well.  Recompiling everything 
three days before release is just asking for problems.

But it doesn't pose a problem does it??  It just means that Debian 1.2 will 
be based on libc5.2 and all the packages in 1.2 have been tested over the 
last three months.  libc5.4 (or greater) will still be available for those 
who dare in unstable and will be released in three months time when all 
these little niggly bugs are ironed out.

A lot of people depend on stable, being just that.  If Debian releases a 
buggy release it will reflect badly.  We have a lot to loose and nothing to 
gain by including libc5.4 in 1.2.


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