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AAAH!! Diald again!!

I once had diald working on my system, then it crashed. I had a bad HDD and 
replaced it, and I've got it all working again... Except diald. I know it's 
a functional program, I had it working before.

The PPP options file has everything disabled. Diald is being run like this: 

diald /dev/ttys1 -m ppp local remote defaultroute 
modem crtscts connect 'chat -v ""ATDT####### CONNECT "" ogin: mylogname word:
mypassword' dynamic -daemon

This is all contained in a file used to start diald when it's needed, since 
there are times when I'd rather not have it running (it shares a fax line 
with another system). 

When it's run, it produces an interesting error: 

[4781]  running pppd
[4781]  connect script failed 
[4781]  waiting 30 seconds for clear to redial

Anybody have any ideas as to how to get rid of this? Like I said, I once had
it working, and I really like it when it works. But for now, it's frustrating 
as all get out. 

All help greatly appreciated, 


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