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innd & mmap

my news box is regularly throttling with the log message "File exists
writing symlinking article file -- throttling".

I've found a relevant section in /usr/doc/news/inn-faq-5, which
describes the problem and also has a fix (run 'ctlinnd renumber'), but
this is only a patchup job...in a couple of days the problem has occured

extract from the inn faq part 5:

> QUESTION: I'm running INN 1.4, and the server throttles itself, saying
> "File exists writing symlinking article file -- throttling".  Why?  I
> have no clue, other than to note that the message is being emitted
> while innd/art.c tries to link a crossposted group.
> ANSWER:  Innd wrote the article to comp/foo/123 and then tried to
> symlink it to alt/bar/128 and found that the symlink failed with errno
> == EEXIST.  This generally only happens when your active file does not
> match your file/directory use.  The three most common cases of that are:
>                 Trying to use MMAP on Ultrix
>                 Trying to use MMAP on Linux
>                 Some strange interaction with tind.
> If you are using Ultrix or Linux, turn off MMAP. You don't have a
> choice in this. The Ultrix mmap() function does something completely
> different than the Sun/BSD mmap() function. The Linux function gives
> you some of the functionality that Sun/BSD mmap() function has, but
> not enough. (The Linux people expect to have it fully up to spec
> eventually, yeah right.)

Is this still true for linux?

is it a kernel or a libc problem?

Has inn for debian been compiled with MMAP turned off?  If not, should
this be reported as a bug against inn? 


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