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default window size for netscape?

does anyone know how i can set the default window size for netscape? 

i'm getting very bored of having to resize every "new browser for this
link" window i open.

i know that it varies the size according to font chosen, but there's some
other factor involved too.  While running fvwm2, i had the windows coming
up in a reasonable size (more by luck than by design)...but ever since i
switched to fvwm95, new netscape windows open up to about 3/4 of the
screen - way too big!

i've kind of got used to fvwm95 (surprise! i thought i'd hate it, being
modelled on something written by MS), and have begun to like the task bar,
so i don't want to switch back to fvwm2.

clues would be gratefully received...i need some.



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