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Big Problem - HELP!

Today I upgraded to kernel-image-2.0.23_0.deb
On reboot, I got the following message:

CPU is a 386 and this kernel was compiled for a 486 or better.

The system then just gave up trying to boot.
modules_2.0.0-13.deb and procps_1.01a-6.deb were also installed
when i installed the new kernel image.

Using a rescue disk, I was able to get to my / partition and moved
System.old to System.map and vmlinuz.old to vmlinuz and ran LILO.

The machine will now boot up, but it slows WAY down when it starts
loading kernel modules. Is there anything else I need to change?
Do I need to ditch modules_2.0.0-13.deb and procps_1.01a-6.deb
and go to an older versions again? In fact, do I now need to be
worried about the stability of the system?

I had originally run "dpkg --purge kernel-image-2.0.23" hoping it
would put things back but it didn't. ( Thats when i manually moved
System.map and vmlinuz ) Is there no way to force dpkg to restore the
old kernel images when this command is run, or could some script at least
be added so if a user has kernel upgrade problems, the original kernel
and stuff could be easily restored?

And finally the big question, does the error message mean newer
versions of Linux won't support 386's or just that the Debian
distribution won't support 386's anymore.

Willie Daniel                    | 
gith@quicklink.net               |
daniewf@mail.auburn.edu          |

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