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Re: Help installing debian "Other" packages

Hi all,

I have found out that I am having a problem downloading the file from the
ftp site (sunsite.unc.edu/pub/linux/distributions/debian/buzz/msdos-i386),
but I don't know how to fix it.  If I click on the file (using Netscape
Navigator), I get the binary garbage written out to my screen.  If I right
click on the file icon, and use the "Save Link As.." option, I can save it to
my hard disk.  The problem is that it is not saving this in a binary format.  I
can go to the Netscape options (Options | General Preferences... |
helpers) and add in the deb extention to the "application/x-compress"
entry but this still doesn't work.  I went through compuserve and
retrieved the same file using their ftp menu and then compared them
(saved the same file with a different name) doing a DOS command "fc
win95tmp.deb cmpsvtmp.deb /b" and they are way different.  I can copy
them both to diskette and the one that I downloaded from compuserve
will work but the other one won't.

What is wrong here?

Wayne Richardson
Advanced Software Engineer
3M Health Information Systems
"Life is not a spectator sport..."

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