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Re: Debian and Windows95 FAT

I'm following this up in debian-user now:

On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Mohan Khurana wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Syrus Nemat-Nasser wrote:
> > Windows 95 and Debian coexist on about five machines
> > that I manage.  I use loadlin.exe exclusively at this time
> > so I allow DOS/WIN95 to boot first and then launch Linux from
> > an icon.  I always put the Windows partition at the beginning
> > of the HD, but if you use lilo, you need to make sure that
> > the kernel image that you launch for Linux is close enough to
> > the beginning of the HD--loadlin does not require this since
> > the kernel image is a file on the Win partition.  To use loadlin,
> > simply do not allow lilo to write to the boot sector of your HD.
> > I don't even install lilo.  I get loadlin from the debian/tools
> > directory on the ftp site, for example, and put it in a "Linux"
> > directory under Windows.  Then I compile a kernel image using
> > 'make zImage' under Linux.  I copy the zImage file to my Windows
> > Linux directory by mounting the vfat (Win '95) file system
> > under Linux.  Then, the command line is 'C:\Linux\loadlin.exe zImage'.
> > This command must be executed in msdos mode which is an "advanced"
> > property of a Windows '95 shortcut.
> > 
> > Syrus.
> Ahh... so if I use loadlin, I don't have to worry about that 1024 cylinder
> thing?

Yes, because only the kernel that you launch has to be accessible when you

> How do you get to linux without lilo installed to get the kernal?  Did you
> just use a boot disk (or is it root disk?)?

During the install process, you are prompted to make a boot disk.  You
can use this disk to boot until you have made your custom kernel.

> In what directory does one type "make zImage"?

Given that you have correctly installed some version of the kernel source
(in the debian hirearchy, this would be a package called 
kernel-source-2.0.X),  you should be able compile a kernel for your system
as follows:

	cd /usr/src/linux
	make config
	make dep ; make clean
	make zImage

I believe that the debian-packaged kernel source can be compiled by some
other command(s), but the above is a standard way to do the kernel 
compile under Linux.  You do need to know about what hardware and 
networking protocols you want to support with your kernel when you do the 
'make config'.  The file zImage is written in one of the subdirectories 
of the kernel source tree (you will see the path at the end of the 

> Sorry for my ignorance, I just don't want to mess up.

Don't worry about that, but be ready to mess up a couple of times as you 
learn how everything works.  Remember the warning to back up any drives 
that you can't afford to lose!

Luck,  Syrus.

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