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Gnus isn't the culprit (too bad I don't know what is:(

Well, even though you're all stumped as to why that .gnus file doesn't
work, I think i've tracked the problem down to something other than

When I "inc" my mail for mh, i get this message:

inc: unable to lock and fopen /var/spool/mail/lars

And when Gnus calls movemail to get my mail from the spool file, I get
this error message:

nnml: Reading incoming mail...
Getting mail from /var/spool/mail/lars...
movemail: Permission denied for /var/spool/mail/Ea10189--see source file
Cannot read active file from nnml server.        

This isn't the only problem with my mail setup. When I send messages
with something like "echo test | mail lars" i get this message after
waiting a few minutes:

cannot chdir(/var/spool/mqueue): Permission denied

The perms on /var/spool/mqueue are 
drwxrwxrwx   2 root     root         1024 Nov 25 17:16 mqueue/
which can't be right.

I'm starting to think there are serious problems with my mail setup, and
I have no clue as to whether they are related or not :(
Thanks again

Version 3.12
GU>CS>AT dpu s-:- a--->? C+++ UL++++>U++++ P+>? L+++ E>+ W+ N++ o? K?
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