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Re: innd and suck


	based on /etc/news/crontab,
# Enable this entry to send posted news back to your upstream provider.
#*/15   *       * * *           /usr/lib/news/send-nntp news.myprovider.com

	Edit news.myprovider.com to send the news back to your isp.  I
 think it uses innxmit. 

 As for the basic assumptions about individuality and self, this is
 the core of what I like about cyberpunk. And it's the core of what I
 like about certain pre-Gibson neophile techie SF writers that certain
 folks here like to put down. Not everyone makes the same
 assumptions. I haven't lost my mind... it's backed up on tape. Peter
 da Silva
Manoj Srivastava                                     <srivasta@datasync.com>

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