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Re: Installation via a modem?

 > Date: Sat, 02 Nov 1996 08:13:51 -0000
 > From: DERR <jjdfri@txdirect.net>
 > Reply-To: jjdfri@txdirect.net
 > Message-Id: <327B02BF.5D36@txdirect.net>
 > Subject: Installation via a modem?
 > Is installation possible over a modem via an ISP? I'd really like to
 > give Debian a try, but I can't afford a CD-ROM, and I don't have the
 > patience to make a zillion floppies.

You can successfully install debian via ftp and modem, though 
perhaps not how you would expect to be able to do it.  I didn't 
find the debian installation procedure entirely intuitive; I 
found a few rough edges there, that could be confusing to a 
Linux novice.  I'd be happy to correspond with you privately on 
the subject.

Christopher W. Hafey
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