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Adaptec 2940

Help! Trying to install the Debian installation with an adaptec 2940
controller. Settings are: IRQ=14, Base Address=0xD000. I know the
controller works since I have free SCO running on it (and I want to switch
to Linux). Boot process doesn't reconize the adapter (SCSI: 0 Hosts SCSI:
detected total.)
Tried this with 'linux aic7xxx=....' and still no luck. Tried downloading
several of the alternate boot disks such as numbers 1, 8, and 9. Still no
luck. Help!!!

I have tried several other IRQ settings, but they don't work (only have
INTA type on IRQ 14 on this motherboard as far as I can tell). It is a
Neptune motherboard version 1.6.

Help, help, help!!!

73 de Kelly

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