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Goodbye, all! (Whatever became of X3.2)

> I've thought about this for many hours, and I'm afraid I agree with Ian.
> If we release with XFree86 3.1, that will be the last Debian release ever,
> because we will have blown our credibility. We just can't afford to do it.
> So, I'm afraid I really must accept the resignation you offered yesterday.

Forgive me for being confused...  I agreed to put X3.2 in if that was the
policy you wanted.  You then asked my opinion _again_ and said you would
follow my opinion.  Please make up your mind.  Don't expect people to
change they personal opinion just because they agree to go along with
those of other people.

I never placed my position as "distribution manager" on the line for
this point.  I just said that if you didn't want me to do my job, then
say so.  This was never a popularity contest between myself and Ian.

However since you have said so, I officially hand in my resignation.
I wish you good luck with Debian in the future.

I also wish you good luck ever getting anyone else to work for you
again.  I find it unlikely that anyone will be comfortable in any position
you grant because they know that you will be second guessing them all
the way.  There will also be some doubt as to whether it is you or
Ian that actually runs the distribution.  You were effectively held
hostage by a threat; whether the demands were reasonable or not is

I'm sure Guy is also wonderfully happy that you sanctioned Ian's invasion
on his ground (the FTP site).
                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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