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dftp and some problems

  Woops.. caught the spamfilter (Only mildly annoying)
  here is the original
 >  Okay, I fsck'd up bad :) Instead of doing the smart thing and deleting 
 > Dos/WFWG (Actually, I need to keep dos until I get the BBS up under 
 > Linux) then making all my drives ext2 I just used one.
 >  /dev/hda is fat-16 (Dos C:)
 >  /dev/hdb is (was) fat-16 (Dos D:  but now mounted on /usr as ext2)
 >  /dev/hdc1 ext2 mounted as /
 >  /dev/hdc2 swap (30 Megs)
 > okay, now I have most everything fixed.. mostly :)  How the *&#$)(&#$ do 
 > I use ftp to install the stuff I want?
 >  I have net access over a dialup PPP link, I have pppd in /usr/sbin and 
 > the ppp modules load when I boot.
 >  The modem is there, everything is the same as before but I can't connect 
 > (I have to reboot into dos/windoze to use winsock)
 >  I tried to connect and then choose ftp from the dselect access menu but 
 > I couldn't get the pppd to connect right. as far as I can see everything 
 > is exactly the same (Except lots of stuff that should be in /usr/bin and 
 > /usr/sbin is in /bin and /sbin instead.. pppd and chat are in /usr/sbin 
 > though)
 >  Feeling a little stupid for crashing my system (Wouldn't do anything 
 > except dump core because I filled the disk and didn't catch it in time)

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