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Re: Goodbye, all!


not, I am NOT a major participaint in the Projekt, only one of 100
Developers and this is my personal oppinion:

> However, my belief in Debian and what is stands for is, largely, unshaken.
> On the other hand, I should point out that Nixon's real crime was in trying
> to *cover up* watergate. In light of that, I would recommend that, now that
> the leak has happened, that there be a full disclosure of what the whole
> deal was about to begin with.

Well, all the trouble about happened in the last few days, there was realy
no time to announce anything, yet.

> o How close did Debian 1.2 come to being released after the X 3.1 bug was
>   known?

The bootdisks where finished 2 day ago. This means if we won't have sliped
the date we would have published quite a few parts of the system without
testing. Additionally there are a lot of bugs still in the release which
could be considered show-stoppers (like suid-perl is one of the bugs I realy
would need to be fixed)

> o Who was in favor of releasing it with X 3.1 and why?

Brian and a few other developers voted for releasing with 3.1, since they
think Debian sliped release dates too often. They considered the Xt whole a
minor cause "only" local users are able to exploit it. 

> o Who was in favor of waiting, and why?

Cause releasing a distribution with a bug who enables all local users to
gain root would be a bad reputation. Ian and Bruce voted to wait. 

> o Who has resigned as a result of all of this and what did they control?

I could list what was happening here, but I don't think that I am the right
person to do. ALL DDEVELOPERS are able to know what have happened. I dont think
that users need this information (but I am not the one who has to do that
decision. Perhaps Bruce will post anything about it?)

> However, I'll also point out that I have only ever tried to put X on a
> Debian system *once* and even *that* one didn't work. So, the X 3.1 hole
> doesn't affect me at all. Perhaps we can release everything except the 
> X 3.1... with the understanding that the X 3.2 package will be forthcoming
> in a week or two.

I perosnally LOVE the new XF86_setup tool. Hey.. I get a graphical setuptool
without entering anything! PErhas you will like Xfree86 3.2, too? Anyway,
the problem here is, that you can't release a Linux Distribution without X.
The major Problem here are not the FTP Debian Users, but the CD
Manufacturer. They like to sell official 1.2 Debian CDs in the Minute Bruce
announces the Release. If they have to sell them without X11 they will be


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