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can't resolve symbol 'llseek'

I'm probably missing the obvious here but could someone help me out.

I'm trying to install Debian 1.1 on a 
Pentium 200 MHz 
Endeavor motherboard
Adaptec 2940 SCSI
2 Fujitsu 9GB SCSI-harddrive

The thing here what I suspect is  

--a quote from Large Disk mini-HOWTO -----
If you are not using DOS or so, then avoid all extended translation
settings, and just use 64 heads, 32 sectors per track (for a nice,
convenient 1 MB per cylinder), if possible, so that no problems arise
when you move the disk from one controller to another.  Some SCSI disk
drivers (aha152x, pas16, ppa, qlogicfas, qlogicisp) are so nervous
about DOS compatibility that they will not allow a Linux-only system
to use more than about 8 GB.  This is a bug.
--end quote----

Does this mean as I interprete it myself that I should really take those
9GB fujitsus back to the store and get me smaller drives in order to get
the drivespace that I'm paying for?

Thanks in advance


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