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Re: Big IDE drive on old bios

Paul Christenson writes:
>On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Stephen Fuqua wrote:
>> I am in the process of building a debian machine for my office
>> from surplus parts.
>> Will I be able to get lilo to boot off the 1gig drive when I 
>> make a root partition smaller than 1023 cylinders?  Can I be 
>> pretty sure that I can at least boot the thing with a floppy? 
>You will be able to boot from floppy.  No problem.
>However, the way I recommend is NOT to use lilo, but loadlin.  Create a
>small (a few meg) DOS partition as the first partition, and have the
>AUTOEXEC.BAT simply run loadlin.

This is in this context complete rubbish. You only have to ensure that you
turn off any translation (put in the true sector/head values) and that the
boot partition lies < 1023 cylinders.
After booting linux doesn't need the BIOS anymore.


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