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Re: How to choose safe configuration at boot time?

"Mike O'Donnell" <odonnell@cs.uchicago.edu> writes:

> WHAT I THINK I NEED: I think that I need to boot the system in single-user
> mode

To reboot in single user mode, pass the `single' flag to LILO.  (For
example, if your image is called linux, type linux single).

To reboot in emergency mode, pass the `emergency' flag.

Single user mode is run level 1, where practically nothing is running.
Emergency mode is even more basic - nothing is even mounted.  The
above flags are documented in init(8).

Rebooting in single user mode is the easiest way to fix your xdm
problem, as xdm only starts in level 2.  Going to emergency mode is
hardly ever needed.


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