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Re: howto compile kernel in Debian 1.1.2

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Alex Romosan wrote:

> you need 'kernel-package' which you can find under unstable in misc.
> unpack your kernel, cd linux, 'make config', and then do 'make-kpkg -r
> x.x.x kernel_image', where x.x.x is the debian version number assigned
> to the kernel (i give them the same number as the linux version). cd
> .., and then dpkg -i kernel-..., you get the idea. btw, i would
> suggest you subscribe to the debian mailing lists (go to the debian
> web page and subscribe from there).
> --alex--
Hi Alex -

I tried what you said immediately after I got your message but I still
keep getting the same error.  I installed the kernel-package but I believe
it was already installed and still it was a no go.  What version of Debian
are you using? 

Juan Casero
email: jcaser01@fiu.edu

				- Redeemed by Linux

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