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Re: cleaning up kernel source

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, David Morris wrote:

> OK, I downloaded the source for the 2.0.24 kernel and compiled a custom kernel 
> yesterday. And now I have the tree leftover taking up 30M on my hard drive. 
> And I was wondering what I can clean up to free up the space.
> I am tempted to rm -r the whole tree (which I have done previously), but I see 
> the Documentation that I might want to keep some things handy (like the 
> documentation). So what do I do with all the include files? should I copy them 
> all over to the /usr/include directory? and do I want to leave something 
> hanging around /usr/src/linux?

	You can delete all the drivers you don't use (drivers/scsi,
for example, is a good choice if you have only IDE),
arch/{alpha,m68k,mips,ppc,sparc}... this way you will be able to
recompile again, just in case.

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Juan Cespedes

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