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Re: Goodbye, all! (Whatever became of X3.2)

In <m0vTgln-0008U7C@hasler> jghasler@win.bright.net (John Hasler) writes:

> Graeme Stewart
> > I'm sure that many of us are very concerned about the future of Debian
> > re. what we have read.
> I am.

I am not concerned.  While it would be nice if everyone was perfect,
made the correct decisions the first time, never had any bugs, never
misinterpreted anything someone else said, etc., that is not

>From what I can tell, this whole blow up is:

1)  Not anywhere near as serious as it appears by these few postings.
    They came to debian-user out of context.

2)  Having lots of developers is a _good_ thing.  However, having lots
    of developers leads to having occasional disagreements.

3)  Having developers who _really_care_ about debian is a good thing.
    However, this means that when there are disagreements, sometimes
    things can get hotter than they should.

It appears to me as just a reader of debian-devel that this just a
case of several people trying very hard to do the "right/best" thing
in a difficult situation.  No one wants buggy software and no one
wants slipped release dates and the balance has to be weighed about
how big the bugs are and how much the release will slip.

If you are really interested in this, or worried about what has been
posted to debian-user, please go read the debian-devel archives.  If
you are still concerned, you should probably post to debian-devel
since that is a discussion about the development of debian.


Wayne Schlitt can not assert the truth of all statements in this
article and still be consistent.

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