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AX25 packages

   There appear to be two AX25-related packages in the current Debian
distribution -- ax25-util and ax25-kernel-source. Whenever I try to install
either of these, however, dselect claims that both depend on 'source', and
that 'source' does not appear to be available.

   Now, I've installed the latest kernel source (2.0.25), and even made it
into a package with make-kpkg. This doesn't make a scrap of difference.

- What source DOES it want? Barbeque?
- Do I need these packages anyway?
- If I don't need them, what DO I need for AX25 use?

   I might add that I'm new to Linux, but I do have experience with other
Unix variants, and have run KA9Q NOS (actually GRINOS) for around 6 years
before upgrading the machine and going to Linux. I've read the ham how-to,
but it doesn't seem to be much help.

 .....Ron (vk6zjm)
Ron Murray   nmurrayr@cc.curtin.edu.au   http://curly.ece.curtin.edu.au/ron
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