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Re: Caching-only "named": where is the cache?

> I've just installed "bind" as a caching only domain name server. In this
> new debian version is really very easy to setup and run. It really works,
> and it is happily serving all the machines in my department. Every time it
> cannot resolve a name, asks to another DNS server outside. Next time
> somebody asks for the same name, it doesn't ask the other server, and
> replies immediately (I've enjoyed looking at this using tcpdump).  But!
> where is the cache?  No file in /var/named was updated since I started it!
> If I reboot, will it loose all the cached names? And how can I tell it to
> delete from the cache names that were not used for more than, say, a week?

The cache is kept internally in memory. When your machine reboots, the cache
will be cleared (and rebuilt again over time.)

Normally you don't need to worry about deleting old items from the cache since
this is handled automatically by the DNS time-to-live mechanism. However, you
can always clear the entire cache by restarting the server process or
rebooting your machine.

Robert Leslie

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