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Re: bo is full of symlinks to rex?

Rick Macdonald <rickm@vsl.com> writes:

> Prior to the freezing of rex, "unstable" (rex) contained all of the
> physical files of the distribution.
> Now, "unstable" is "bo", and it has many links back to rex.
> At what point will "bo" loose the links to rex and be self-contained
> again?

Not until bo becomes stable.  I know this setup is nonideal for people
who only mirror unstable, but most do mirror the whole distribution.
It's rude to have hundreds of megs of duplicate files.  bo has ~100
meg of unique files right now, most of which is XFree 3.2.

Can you suggest a better solution?

> When the change occured, my mirror of "unstable" lost a bunch of files.
> Now I have to get both rex and bo. I think I can continually mirror
> "unstable" only, by careful use of the following option in mirror, but
> I haven't actually tried this yet:

That sounds like it work, assuming that symlinked directories aren't
flattened.  Otherwise you'll have to filter out the symlinked


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