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How can I dial out on ttyS?

I'm trying to get an e-mail->alpha-pager thing working. Everything is
working except the fact that I don't have permissions to use /dev/ttyS1

When I send a page as root, the page goes out fine. 

When I send mail to, say, jdoe, I have /usr/bin/filter pick it up and
execute the pager script, and it fails claiming it doesn't have permission.

So, I added jdoe to the uucp group (which is the group owner of the ttyS's).

Now, when I su to jdoe and send a page, the page goes through.

When I send e-mail to jdoe, it still fails with a permission thing.

I'm suspecting that it's some sort of GID vs. EGID thing. Perhaps, when I
"su jdoe", I'm keeping some of my root permissions... or, when filter runs,
it's keeping some of it's permissions from "mail" or something.


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