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Re: default window size for netscape?

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

> > does anyone know how i can set the default window size for netscape?
> I start netscape like this:
> 	netscape -geometry 1137x990+3840+1024 -ncols 64
> You can probably also add some lines like:
> 	Netscape*geometry:       1137x990
> to you .Xresources file.

The following can be found in the Netscape.ad file that comes with
Netscape, as well as on-line in their support or FAQ files (sorry, I
forget exactly where). I don't think the equals signs ("=") should
be there though.

! Geometry
! Here's how you set the default sizes and positions of the Netscape windows:
! For the web browser window:   Netscape.Navigator.geometry: =500x700+100-0
! For the mail reader:          Netscape.Mail.geometry: =500x800+200-0
! For the news reader:          Netscape.News.geometry: =500x800+300-0
! For the mail editor:          Netscape.Composition.geometry: =400x600
! For the bookmarks window:     Netscape.Bookmarks.geometry: =300x900-0-0
! For the address book window:  Netscape.AddressBook.geometry: =300x900-300-0
! For the download windows:     Netscape.Download.geometry: =500x200-0-0
! In previous versions of Netscape, we suggested setting the geometry on the
! TopLevelShell class; don't do that any more.  It will affect *all* of the
! top-level Netscape windows, including bookmarks and message composition and
! so on, which is probably not what you want.
! To set the sizes of the panes and columns in the mail and news windows, 
! change them to the layout you like, and then select "Options/Save Options".
! (To change the fonts in the message lists, search below for the resource
! that begins with "XmLGrid*fontList".)


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