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About XFree86 3.2 ...


	When you installed XFree 3.2, did you experience any problems with the
xrdb utility not working?  When I first tried it, xrdb would exit with a "can't
run '/usr/lib/cpp -Dblablabla' with a whole bunch of '-D' switches following
the 'cpp' part.  I checked out my '/usr/lib/cpp', and sure enough it was there
(actually a symlink to /usr/bin/cpp).  In fact, I was recompiling something at
the same time, so I know it's gotta be working right.

	Specifying a '-nocpp' on the xrdb command line seems to have done the
trick.  But I hate doing these sort of kludges ... I really like to know why it
didn't work without the '-nocpp' switch.  (Like, perhaps I forgot to install a
package or something like that ... this can only mean trouble later on ...). 
Do you have any idea?  Or should I just be content with that fix?

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