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Re: GhostScript and Magicfilter

> Since the last version of GhostScript was included in the distribution,
> I can't use magicfilter to automagically print my PostScript files. The
> reason seems to be : ghostscript now uses SVGAlib. To get I/O
> permissions for a 'base' user, it should then be set to +s I believe. Is
> that safe to do ? Will it solve my magicfilter problem ?

1 gs SHOULD run without any +s bit, for any user who's allowed to
  run gs itself. As long as you don't view postscript to the VC,
  you SHOULD not need to set any +s bit.

2 Adding the +s bit SHOULD be safe, but there are no promisses.
3 I don't know whether it will solve your magic filter problems.
  Magic filter shouldn't want to write anything to the svga VC anyway.

The problems you quote seem rather bad -- could you check for me
(current debian gs maintainer) whith what parameters gs gets executed?
run (for example, write output of  "ps -axwwwwwwww" to a file)

Thanks very much,

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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