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Re: hard disk recommendation

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Marc A. Volovic wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Paul Christenson wrote:

> > In an attempt to avoid a war, I'll simply say that Silicon Graphics is
> > using IBM SCSI drives exclusively.  Given the nature of their products, I

> I am afraid you're wrong. I saw Seagate drives (in older stations) and, 
> more recently, Quantum drives in High Impacts.

SGI used to use Seagate exclusively (up to a year or so ago), but then
they started getting customer complaints on the drives failing.  They did
go to Quantum for a short period, but they found that the Quantum drives
have a nasty habit of recalibrating themselves from time to time, which
makes the drives unavailable for a second or so, which really causes a
performance hit on these machines.  Quantum was unwilling to rewrite the
firmware on their drives, so testing continued.  IBM drives are the only
ones that currently meet SGI specs.

This was from a conversation with an SGI tech about three weeks ago.

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