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"Clock skew" error... "official" Debian rep, anyone? someone please answer "otherosfs" is badly named? Re: "purity" package RE: "teardrop" attacks 'dpkg -iGROEB .../bo-updates' ??? (was: How is the ftp being run?) (fwd) WANTED: developers for a new distribution (fwd) Webmin version 0.2 - web based admin for Unix (fwd) XRPM-2.01 - X tool for manipulating RPM packages (La)TeX copyright (was FLAME: non-free) (Really) a lot of questions about packaging *-* rescue disk booting problems /usr/bin/editor policy implementation 2.0 question 2.0 release estimate ? 2.0.31 2.0.31 kernel - SCSI problems 2.0.32 boot disks and kernel packages? [cygnus.gnu-win32] RPM (at last..) Re: [DEBIAN] Selling Artistic License Software (WAS: Re: non-DFSG section and CD distributers) [dsiebert@ICAEN.UIOWA.EDU: Safe /tmp cleanup] [ failure notice] `Free' debate `gv': I'm listed as maintainer??? `gv-2.5.8': Will someone please release a bo version? `tmpwatch-1.4' Packaged. about CFLAGS About the COPYRIGHT of noweb Adding a driver at installation Adopting freeciv ANNOUNCE: New Samba package Announcing supermount-0.6 for 2.0.32 (fwd) Re: another new package/debmake problems Anybody already packaging "html2ps"? anyone HELP - lost pw with wallet apache & Summary of Package Overlaps APB: Helmut Geyer Apologies and the Debian Social Contract atp qwk reader autoconf dilemma automatic package creation AW: quota Back after looong vacation ! Re: Backspace & Delete Re: Backspace and delete Bad From: in my recent mails Bad Maintainer Addresses (!) bashims in debian/rules Re: bashims in debian/rules" bashisms Be back soon! be careful with Replaces, please Re: Become a Debian Developer! Berlin project bigphys area patch binutils ?? bitchx non-maintainer release Bo-updates directory is looking mighty lonely... Boot HURD with lilo? Re: Boot Linux from GRUB? Boot Linux from GRUB? (Was: Boot HURD with lilo?) Re: boot scripts boot-floppies (was Re: Red Hat 5.0 Release date) broken ftp archives Broken symlinks in development packages? Bruce's rhetoric Bug log ordering Bug system available by email Bug system slightly broken? Bug system very out-of-date! Bug tracking system on WWW: down Re: Bug#12856: Please, stop weekly reports Re: Bug#14264: cron doesn't put /usr/local/bin in PATH Re: Bug#14366: terminfo entry for "xterm" is broken Bug#14526: Meaning of `source code' Re: Bug#14597: kernel-package: kernel-package doesn't parse revision number for correctness Re: Bug#14648: xlockmore: Request to link xlockmore with mesa (openGL) Re: Bug#14927: dpkg-perl should be marked essential Re: Bug#15264: xcolors: fails to build bugs... down Re: bz2'd upstream original source? Call for outside parties to produce non-free CD Call for project leader candidates CC's of mailing list mail CD rom distribution CD-ROMS cdda2wav packaging questions [WAS: cdda2wav: copyright includes entire GPL] CFV-DFSG: Conclusions ? CFV-DFSG: Initial results CFV: Re: non-DFSG section and CD distributers Changes to psutils cmd line parsing. The chronoilogicallly ordered bug pages closing topic on "purity" program COAS (administration tools) early release available conflicting executable names netcat and nedit-dmotif Re: Consistent kbd config TODO list (was Re: Backspace & Delete) Contrib on official CD contrib sections Copyright question Copyrights and GPL (and QT) (was Re: Meaning of `source code') core during preinst Cutting edge kernel (2.1.64) anybody ?? debate Debian 1.2 Installation Debian 2.0 compilation effort Re: DEBIAN ANNOUNCES $1000 GRANT TO GNOME PROJECT Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen Debian Java Group (weg page) Debian libc5 (bo/stable) to libc6 (hamm/unstable) migration Mini-HOWTO (regular posting, updated) Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO (regular posting) Debian Linux and LS120 drive? Debian PowerPC (was: Re: Debian and Power Macintosh) Debian QA Policy Draft Debian will move glibc-2.1? debian-mentors list created debsums priority standard? Re: definitions DFSG compliant copyright!? DFSG development (was Re: Manifesto for the Debian Project leadership election) Discussion of runlevels (was: Re: group of Java maintainers ...) Dmalloc Does wu-ftpd corrupt utmp? Re: Does wu-ftpd corrupt utmp? [correction] dpkg --compare-versions dpkg compile/development times dpkg enhancements dpkg-buildpackage bug? dpkg-ftp question dpkg-genchanges: is this logic wrong? dselect/diety note dump on a hamm system Duplicate messages dupload 1.16 - strange behavior Election Electrical Engineering / IC design packages Eligibility to Vote (Was "Re: Call for project leader candidates") Experimental glibc packages - please test fakeroot bug? Fakeroot error (was Re: Unidentified subject!) fat32 in installation vfat module? A few questions.. FHS 2.0: links to kernel includes required? File corruption on files still in incoming Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.0 Free Java Development Environment (fwd) Free Software literature Free Software orientation NOT at stake Re: Free Unix OS's on x86 Freedows 98 ? Re: funny build error The last update was on 07:21 GMT Tue Apr 24. There are 1622 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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