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Re: bashims in debian/rules

On Thu, Nov 06, 1997 at 12:59:56PM +0000, Roman Hodek wrote:
> > The cross compilation issue is very important for Debian. This way
> > we can perform compilation for all our platforms on a single
> > machine. Perhaps we can set up such a machine to compile all our
> > source package after uploading. This way we can ensure that each
> > package is available for every platform immediately.
> I think you misunderstood "cross compilation" in the original mail. It
> meant compiling Debian packages on a non-Debian system, where sh isn't
> bash.
> But you're talking about cross compilation, where the cross means
> between different architectures... Ok, the idea is nice, but there are
> not too few problems with cross compilation (badly prepared makefiles,
> configure), so that automatic cross compilation doesn't seem
> desirable. It's ok IMHO as long as the resulting packages have been
> tested. In fact, I cross-compile most of my packages for m68k, too,
> but I had to adapt some orig sources so that it works.

How can/do you arrange the debian/rules file to allow this?
The rules file from deb-make, for example, doesn't have any architecture
specific bits (although it hints at it).

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