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About the COPYRIGHT of noweb

Here is a message I received from the author of noweb
in response to my request to GPL it. He said that the GPL
is feared by commercial developer who want to incorporate
noweb in commercial products.

------ Forwarded message ------
    From: Norman Ramsey <nr@cs.virginia.edu>
 Subject: Re: About the COPYRIGHT of noweb 
    Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 09:33:56 -0500
      To: Federico Di Gregorio <fog@perosa.alpcom.it>

I don't understand the fear of GPL myself.

Whay don't you suggest an laternate wording for noweb copyright that
would make it eligible to get on the Debian CD?

Can I make a special license just for the Debian CD?


Here is the licence of noweb. Do you think it's possible to
do what he asked for, i.e., to change the license to have noweb
DFSG compliant but without GPL'ing it, so that commercial developers
dont have any fear?

Noweb is copyright 1989-1997 by Norman Ramsey.  All rights reserved.

Noweb is protected by copyright.  It is not public-domain
software or shareware, and it is not protected by a ``copyleft''
agreement like the one used by the Free Software Foundation.

Noweb is available free for any use.  You may redistribute noweb in
whole or in part provided you acknowledge its source and include this
COPYRIGHT file.  You may modify noweb and create derived works,
provided you retain this copyright notice, but the result may not be
called noweb without my written consent.

You may sell noweb if you wish.  For example, you may sell a CD-ROM
including noweb.  

You may not sell a derived work in which noweb is a significant part
of the value of the product.  A literate-programming editor based on
the noweb source code is an example of this kind of product.

You may use noweb in products as long as you charge for only those
components that are entirely your own and you acknowledge the use of
noweb clearly in all product documentation and distribution media. You
must state clearly that your product uses or is based on noweb and
that noweb is available free of change.  You must also request that
bug reports on your product be reported to you.  Using noweb to build
any program not related to literate programming is an example of this
kind of product.  So is building a literate-programming editor that
uses the noweb intermediate representation or calls the noweb tools.

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