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Re: Bug#14648: xlockmore: Request to link xlockmore with mesa (openGL)

open #14648

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

>   Scott>  Leave it open as a request for a seperate xlockmore-mesa
>   Scott> (xlockmore-gl) package instead then. 
> Not so fast please. I am the maintainer of this package. I decided to close
> the bugreport. 

And I'm the person who filed the bug, and I'm not satisfied that it is
dealt with.  My apologies for hauling this onto debian-devel now, but this
feels like the pine bug, where the maintainer is ignoring what the
reporter believes to be a legitimate problem.  If you never want to deal
with it, leave it in the bug system (I believe I tagged it as priority
wishlist, and will happily do so if such is not the case).  That won't
prevent someone else from dealing with it if they want to.

>   Scott> It shouldn't be too difficult to build a rules file to compile it
>   Scott> both ways.  I could fork a seperate package, but I'm not too
>   Scott> enthused with the idea of 2 copies of the same source code in the
>   Scott> archive.
> That is not the point. The point is that we don't need a mesa xlock. If you
> want a private copy, fine. You know how to build one.

Yes, I know.  However, I'm a maintainer and a programmer.  The average
Debian user may not.

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