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Re: dpkg enhancements

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> wrote:
>On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
>> the normal order is :
>> a) "debian/rules clean" : remove all old files
>> b) "dpkg-source -b dir-version/" : build diff and dsc file
>> c) "debian/rules build" : compile package
>> d) "debian/rules binary" : install binaries, set permissions, build package

>> i propose a flag to use the alternative order c) d) a) b)

>As we are currently not very good regarding reproducability (is this the
>right term?) of our packages I strongly object that this.

>Note, that this does not apply when you do _private_ test compiles. You
>could surely save a lot of time to skip step a) and b) (and probably c).
>But for the final compile of which the results are uploaded, the order of
>steps a) to d) may not be changed.

I'd like a flag such as Andreas describes added to dpkg-buildpackage,
because I usually use dpkg-buildpackage for test builds, not just the
final 'upload' compile.  (I suppose "debian/rules build" is just too
much to type compared with "dpkg-b<tab>"...)

How about adding this flag, but have dpkg-buildpackage refuse to pgp-sign
any files when it's used, as a warning to the maintainer that the package
produced should not be uploaded?

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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