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apache & Summary of Package Overlaps

On Wed, Nov 12, 1997 at 08:50:17PM +0100, Richard Braakman wrote:
> One of the release requirements for 2.0 is that the --force-overwrite
> flag for dpkg can be turned off by default.  This means that there
> should be no problematic overlaps between packages in the main
> distribution.  To help achieve that, I have decided to post a
> summary of package overlaps every so often.
> I generate the raw material for this list with an awk script that
> parses the Contents and Packages files.  The script ignores
> directories, and ignores overlaps between packages that conflict with
> each other.  The awk script was posted to debian-devel once, and
> can also be found as part of bug report #12308.

I don't know if your script includes non-us Richard but it appears
that it does not. apache-ssl and apache overlap hideously;
they both provide EVERYTHING, like all of the cgi-bin, etc.
apache-ssl even suggests /var/www for its pages.

Possible solutions; first is to have apache-ssl depend on apache,
and not provide the common stuff. Unfortunately this means you could
not use a simpler main server like boa or ncsa with apache-ssl for
secure stuff. Another alternative might be to have an apache-extras
or similar package which provides all the standard cgi-bin,
and for both apache and apache-ssl to require it.

I am relunctant to file a bug report against apache-ssl since this
is just my personal preference. I also find that both of these
have very strange postinsts, which seem to involve prompting me
to copy a whole lot of cgi scripts to /usr/lib/cgi-bin, when
they could have just been installed there originally. I haven't
seen any other packages prompt me whether they should install
their files or not!

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