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Re: Debian PowerPC (was: Re: Debian and Power Macintosh)

I've put a snapshot of a base debian/mklinux-ppc installation in my
home directory on master.debian.org.  It's in 'mklinuxfs.tar', is
about 30Mb, and is intended to be used with the MkLinux installer.

I haven't been able to work on it for the past couple of months, but
will probably be a bit more active in the next couple of weeks.

Major things that need to be fixed:

  * The libc is still 1.99, not the latest version of glibc
  * The X server packages still don't build from source
  * e2fsprogs does not reliably repair the filesystem much of the time
  * updated doesn't run automatically --- you need to run 'sync' 
    manually every now and then

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