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Re: Debian QA Policy Draft

Vincent Renardias wrote:
  >Below is the document the people who cared about QA agreed upon some time
  >ago. Since the QA team has not been very active (at least not as much as I
  >expected) it never had been really followed.
  >Do people still agree on it's content?
  >I also post it here so people who are new ( < 1 year ) to the project can
  >read it.
  >Note that it's still a draft.
  >Comments? Feedback?

I'm one of those new to the project; it looks good to me.
  >		DQAG members making bugfix uploads will need not only to respec
      >t the delays above
  >	but will also have to announce their intent to upload on <debian-QA> wi
      >th a cc: to the
  >	maintainer at least 2 days (or 1 day
  >	during a freeze) before to do the upload, saying which Package_Version 
      >they will upload,
  >	and the serial numbers of the bugs fixed by the upload.
  >		The 'Maintainer' field of those uploaded packages will stay unc
  >		However if DQAG members make 3 consecutive bugfix uploads with 
      >still no action
  >	from the package maintainer, then the 'Maintainer' field will be set to
  >	"Orphaned Package <debian-QA@lists.debian.org>", and the package will b
      >e considered as
  >	orphaned (this will be announced on <debian-devel>).

Maybe this should be a fixed time period?

  >* Open problems:
  >	- Who will make the final decision when the DQAG and the package mainta
      >iner disagree
  >		with each other on a bug fix?
  >			(1/ the DQAG, 2/ The maintainer, 3/ The BoD, 4/ Someone
      > else?)

The responsibility is ultimately 3, which might be delegated to 1.  It has
to be the people in charge of Debian who take responsibility for the
contents of Debian.  If they can't agree with the maintainer, it's
unfortunate, but they are the right ones to decide.


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