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Re: Bug system very out-of-date!

In article <87n2j48ix5.fsf@garfield.complete.org>,
John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:
>The bug system at www.debian.org/Bugs was last updated on
>*OCTOBER 31*.
>Something is amiss here!!

I have tried to mirror the master www site from master.debian.org for
www.nl.debian.org which we host. I never succeeded in that; esp. the
bugs system has way too much small files for the mirror perl script.
It just gets dog-slow and runs out of memory. So I didn't mirror that
part and redirected it to www.debian.org.

But for the last couple of days I use rsync (over ssh) to mirror
www.debian.org directly form master, and that works absolutely great!
Transfer time is much, much improved even though I have to mirror
maybe as much as 20 times as many files.

If www.debian.org is still using "mirror", they should convert to
"rsync". I can send interested people the command line I use..

Note that www.nl.debian.org/Bugs/ is pretty much up to date ;)

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