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Re: giving money to gnome

Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
> We *CAN* do that, YES. We *SHOULDN'T* do that, though, WITHOUT KDE people
> intervening to keep us away from giving the money to GNOME. This is called
> "ethics".

No, it's another word that ends in "ics", but it starts with "polit".

Ethics is where you do the right thing. Politics is where you do the
right thing by your neighbour.

There's a place in Debian for this sort of politics too, but I think
we should try to do the right thing by our users before we do the
right thing by a particular project. It's more important for the users
to get a free desktop (and not be encumbered by the Linux world
standardizing on a non-free desktop in the meantime) than for the Debian
developers to get invitations to dinner parties with the KDE folks. If
we can do both, then that's even better.

As developers, we can get pretty wrapped up in inter-developer relations
to the point where they can be more important than relations with the

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