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Re: bashisms

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Adrian Bridgett wrote:

> There are alot of scripts which use unnecessary bashisms. Apart from complex
> scripts most of these can be easily changed to conform to the POSIX shell.
> This has the added advantage of meaning that those who want to can use ash
> as /bin/sh and reap the benefits of improved performance. 
> To this end we really need a short document which details the differences,
> the "right" way to do things and the definite "No-No"s.  Maybe this should
> go into the packaging manual, but initially it is probably better to have it
> seperate as it would change quite a bit at the start. 

This is an excellent idea! As you probably know, it's planned to change
policy so that /bin/sh can be any POSIX compatible shell and every is
encouraged to change his/her scripts to use that instead of /bin/bash.
So, we could definitely need some documentation about the differences!

(Most people will probably install "ash" for /bin/sh, so you might want to
list differences between ash and the POSIX shells as well--if there are



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