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Re: Contrib on official CD

On 19 Nov 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> Hi,
> It's been troubling me that we ship 'contrib' .deb's on the
> official CD that are dependant on 'non-free' .deb's we don't
> ship.
> Obviously, this is stupid.

See, there are users that pay a lot for downloading packages over a slow
link (european countries telephone companies are rather expensive).

So it makes a lot of sense for contrib on Official CD sets for at least
half the world (if america is the other half :)

So please reconsider, and take in count that you *can* download non-free
stuff if you need it, but it would be stupid to exclude contrib despite
the possibility to include it.

Including just the sources could be ok by me, but what is with people that
cannot manage a recompile ?

Thank you,

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