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Game policy


I now have a working package of rocks'n'diamonds, but before I unleash
it on the unexpecting and innocent public, there is a matter I would like
to have your input on.

This game has a built-in level editor. I have put the default levels
in /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds/levels/, but I don't think this
directory should be writeable. If it is, then users could mess up
the levels for everyone. Not desirable on a multi-user system.

My suggestion is to make the directory non-writeable(755), and add
some instructions in README.debian, explaining how to set things up
if you trust your user(s) enough to let them edit old levels.

Is this OK? Any better suggestions?
                Ole J. Tetlie, student at the University of Oslo
-----------------Debian GNU/Linux-----------------------Eiffel-----------------
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