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Re: Game policy

On Tue, Nov 18 1997 16:06 +0100 Ole =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F8rgen?= Tetlie
> This game has a built-in level editor. I have put the default levels
> in /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds/levels/, but I don't think this
> directory should be writeable. If it is, then users could mess up
> the levels for everyone. Not desirable on a multi-user system.
> My suggestion is to make the directory non-writeable(755), and add
> some instructions in README.debian, explaining how to set things up
> if you trust your user(s) enough to let them edit old levels.
> Is this OK? Any better suggestions?

Why not put the default levels in /usr/lib ?  Surely the level editor
should edit levels in (roughly) the current directory, just like any
other kind of editor (of text files or otherwise) ?


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